Our Services

In order to assist your well-being we offer the following services:


We practice traditional Chinese acupuncture to ease your pain, prevent diseases and improve your immune system. Please look at our overview about acupuncture to learn more about what diseases can be treated.

Our office uses only disposable needles.


The body has dedicated points that if pressure is applied will reduce pain and put your energy system back in balance.

Tui Na (Oriental Body Work):

We offer Tui Na - a form of oriental body work - to reduce back problems, spinal pain and oesteropores. Please look at our overview about Tui Na to find more information.


Using traditional Chinese recipes we mix herbs specifically for your health problem. These herbs are typically ground and if mixed with boiled water can be digested like tea. Please look at our overview about herbal medicine to learn more.


We provide nutrition therapy to develop food habits that will yield positive, permanent results, while encouraging food choices that will enhance good health. Please look at our overview about nutrition therapy to learn more.

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